Coinbase Review 2022: Is It A Legit Crypto Platform Or Scam?


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been operating since 2012. Its primary function is to buy and sell crypto coins, but that’s not all! This platform also offers various other services, including a wallet service, a chat service for adding extra security features, and 2-factor authentication. It is also one of the most mainstream and recognizable … Read more

What is Ethereum (ETH)? Features And Difference B/W Bitcoin


ETH or Ethereum is a form of digital currency or cryptocurrency that is somewhat similar to Bitcoin. ETH is the second-largest cryptocurrency in 2021 by market capitalization just behind Bitcoin. The Ethereum blockchain’s main token is the cryptocurrency ETH which is also the currency of Ethereum apps.  Evidently, ETH allows decentralized apps to be written and run … Read more

What is Bitcoin Mining? A Basic Guide For Beginners

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has grown considerably in popularity due to its rapid price rise; Bitcoin is generated through well know method known as mining..” Bitcoin mining refers to the process of introducing new coins into cryptocurrency existence. In Bitcoin mining, new coins are created by solving exceedingly tricky mathematical problems that verify … Read more

What is BNB (Binance Coin)? Uses, Pros, Cons & Conclusion

Binance Coin (BNB)

BNB or the Binance Coin is the cryptocurrency native to Binance Exchange that can be used for trading on Binance cryptocurrency exchange.  The Binance Exchange is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world having approximately 1.4 million plus transactions per second. Binance coin was launched in July 2017 and in its initial times, it worked on the Ethereum Blockchain but later on, it … Read more

TradingView Review: Is This Platform Worth It In 2022?


According to Charles Shwab, 15% of current retail investors started trading during the pandemic as per review (Source), and during this time the TradingView website got more than 550 million unique visitors, which is approximately 7% of the world’s population. In the last 18 months, TradingView reported a 237% increase in their site visitors and … Read more

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