Mudrex Review

Mudrex Review 2024: Is It Best Crypto Investment Platform?

Are you interested in the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies and want to make long-term investments in them?

Well, you’re not alone. The prices of crypto coins have boomed in the last decade and it is still going higher and higher each year.

Mudrex Review

The volatility of cryptocurrencies is what is attracting the traders the most as higher volatility means higher profits from successful trades. But this high volatility also means that the price of any coin can drop very low as well. That is why you need Mudrex.

Mudrex has multiple plans and strategies for profitable long-term investing in cryptocurrencies. In this article, we have explained in detail about Mudrex and why you should use it if you are a long-term investor looking for a passive income from cryptocurrencies.

What is Mudrex?

The startup is based out of Bengaluru, India, and has headquarters in San Francisco, US. Mudrex boasts of more than 100 thousand users on its platform from 100+ countries who have invested more than $20 million in assets and generated around $3 billion in trade volume.

Mudrex is a smart crypto trading bot that helps users in generating a passive income by giving high returns and low risks. It is a long-term wealth creation platform founded by Alankar Saxena, Edul Patel, Prince Arora, Rohit Goyal, and Snehil Buxy in 2018.

Even though it is a relatively new platform in the crypto space, it has generated quite a reputation for itself. Recently it has been featured on reputed online magazines like Y Combinator, Forbes, Business Insider, Bloomberg, and

Why Mudrex is Best?

Seeing a 450% growth in the number of users in just last four months, Mudrex has just raised $6.5 million Series A funding from multiple investors including Nexus Venture Partners. Mudrex is a crypto investment platform where you choose a coin set of your choice and invest your money in it.

It has various coin sets with 10 or more coins and each set is compiled based on the coins’ Proof of Work and their utility. Mudrex also offers other options to increase your investment portfolio like you can connect your Binance or Coinbase trading account to Mudrexa and then it will apply any of the strategies of your choice to trade your cryptocurrency for high returns.

Mudrex has multiple proven strategies that give very high yields in the long term. The company itself has invested its own money in one of its own strategies and has increased its portfolio by 68 % in just 8 months.

Mudrex also has its own crypto wallet where you can simply deposit your funds and don’t need to trade or invest at all.

Mudrex Crypto Investing Simplified

The platform will do that for you and give you an interest of 14% yearly on your investment generating a very profitable and stable passive income which is much higher compared to any bank. The best part about it is that it does not require any minimum deposit and is completely secure.

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Does Mudrex Is For You? Is It Good For Investment?

Mudrex is a crypto trading bot made specifically for long-term investors who wish to invest their capital for at least 3 months. Most looking at the volatility of the crypto market, it is not profitable for any investor to stay in the market for less than 6 months unless and until the market is constantly in an upward trend.

Mudrex has a minimum of $10 to be invested in any coin set through its own platform, therefore it is possible for anyone to invest their money in any of the coin sets and earn a passive income of up to 1044% (NFT coin set) yearly.

But it is important to keep in mind that your money is not always going to grow just as it grew for the past year and it all depends on the market and the performance of the coin. The safest investment through Mudrex is its Interest Account feature where you can invest any amount and it will give you 14% interest on your deposits.

But it will only be profitable if either you invest a large amount of money or keep on putting small amounts of money regularly as 14% yearly interest won’t grow as much as trading through crypto but it will be definitely much higher than what your bank has to offer. Therefore Mudrex is suited for both crypto-investors and those who just want a high return on their savings without any risk involved.

Investing options at Mudrex

Mudrex provides you with multiple investing plans and strategies that you can choose from. We will be looking at the four main categories of investment plans offered by Mudrex and will be going through each of the categories in detail.

Coin Sets

As the name suggests, Coin Sets are just a set of different crypto coins arranged as a bucket. This is much less risky than trading on one coin as the volatility of any particular coin is very high in the case of cryptocurrencies. But when you invest in a bucket of different coins, the volatility reduces. All the coin sets are compiled as per their Proof of Work, i.e. what is the purpose of the coin.

For example, among the many coin sets, the most profitable one was the Metaverse Coin Set with a growth of 717%. This set consists of 8 different coins and all gave different returns in the last 1 year. When coins like ALICE lost its value by more than 77%, AXS grew by more than 3000%.

Similarly, different coins give different returns and it cannot be predicted easily given the high volatility of crypto. Therefore, instead of investing in a single coin for a year and risking it all, it is much safer to diversify your portfolio and invest in the purpose of the coins.

Coin Sets do that for you as they curate the best coins in different categories like Crypto Blue Chip, New Crypto Stars, Metaverse, Smart Contract Platforms, Web 3.0, etc. You can invest in these baskets based on what purpose they serve. For example, Metaverse, Web 3.0, and NFTs are in a lot of hype nowadays and therefore their value has grown by 717%, 25%, and 1044% respectively.

Mudrex Mints

If you trade in Crypto Futures, then Mudrex Mints is the best option for you as it helps in investing in portfolios that give much higher returns with much less risk. There are three Mudrex mints:

Low Risk Mint 

These are very low risk strategies with much higher returns. According to Mudrex, this strategy will give you 40-50% returns on your investment in a year which is similar to the growth rate of Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency.

Mudrex Low Risk Mints

In the case of Bitcoin, the risks for a year are very high, but the Low Risk Mint will give you the same return for 3 times lesser risk than bitcoin. Therefore, for safe investors who want their money to grow but with almost zero risk, this is the best method.

Medium Risk Mint

As the name suggests, you will be taking a little higher risk than the previous one, but this also means you will be getting higher returns. In comparison to Bitcoin, you will be getting 1.5 times the return from Bitcoin, which, according to Mudrex, will be 70 – 90%.

Mudrex Medium Risk Mints

But the risk will still be 2 times less than that of Bitcoin. The goal of this mint is to generate a consistent return to investors even during high volatility periods.

High Risk Mint

Mudrex High Risk Mints

This is the most profitable of all as Mudrex claims a return of more than 100% out of it. But more profit means more risk. And it is evident from the fact that the High Risk Mint has the risk has Bitcoin. But the good part is that the return is 2 times that of Bitcoin.


If you wish to do the investment yourself and just need a good strategy to go with it, Mudrex has the perfect package for you. Its Algos plan has the best algorithms created by professional traders to yield the maximum returns.

Mudrex Algos

Mudrex has a list of 330 algorithms that you can use in your trades to get the best returns. These strategies are also rated by mudrex on a scale of 1 to 10 based on their performance, returns, listing, fees, etc. You can also view how many investors are using a certain strategy, its growth graph, and its backtested performance.

Interest Account

The Interest Account is the simplest and the easiest way of increasing your wealth on Mudrex. All you have to do is deposit your money in the Mudrex wallet and set it as an investment account and Mudrex will then give you a 14% yearly interest on your investment for as long as you wish to stay.

There are no fees and no account minimum is required. Mudrex uses your funds to invest in their own coin sets and strategies to not only increase their wealth but also as proof that their strategies do work as told and are not just a money-making scheme.

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How To Sign Up on Mudrex?

Get Started In Mudrex

It is a very simple and easy process for creating an account on Mudrex. First of all, Mudrex is not an only-app based service, instead, it is a web-based service that just released its app on the Google Play Store in November, 2021. And even now it is not a complete app as even the app still runs on the browser.

Therefore the process of signing up on the browser and the app is exactly the same and you can use any of those.

Three Easy Steps To Join Mudrex:

Step 1: Click on the ‘Get Started’ button to get started with your account opening procedure. It will first ask you to enter your email and password or you can simply connect it with your Google account. You will also be asked to enter and verify your phone number.

Step 2: After you’ve created an account, you will have to connect your Binance or Coinbase wallet with Mudrex or you can choose to create a new crypto wallet on Mudrex itself. 

Step 3: And then you’re done with your account and all you have to do now is to choose a plan or strategy of your choice to invest your money in and you are good to go.

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