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YouHodler Review 2024: Is It The Best Crypto Loan Platform?

YouHodler Loans allow you to borrow money (with very favourable terms) using your cryptocurrency as collateral.

If you have a cryptocurrency and need cash, YouHodler allows you to use your cryptocurrency as collateral. YouHodler is a cryptocurrency lending space based in Switzerland.

Youhodler review

Switzerland offers low-interest loans to users by providing their cryptocurrency as collateral, which helps them save money. YouHodler is a Swiss cryptocurrency lending platform that offers loans to users with low interest rates and the ability to save money for juicy profits.

YouHodler is a centralized cryptocurrency lending and lending platform offering services that cater to lenders and borrowers for interest and loans. If you are in the market for a cryptocurrency-backed loan, Youhodler can handle it and offer its cryptocurrency for deposits.

What is YouHodler?

YouHodler is a cryptocurrency exchange that specializes in cryptocurrency lending and high-interest savings for holders. YouHodler is another cryptocurrency lending platform that has gained a lot of notoriety and popularity over the past couple of months.

YouHodler Fiat and Crypto Exchange

YouHodler is not just another cryptocurrency lending platform where you can earn interest or borrow funds from your cryptocurrency deposits.

Special Features of YouHodler for its user

The YouHodler wallet allows users to store their own cryptocurrencies for investment purposes; they can also convert their fiat or crypto assets and store them in the wallet. YouHodler also offers an exchange service for trading between fiat and crypto or two types of crypto.

YouHodler is efficient and fast, allowing users to easily transfer their crypto assets. YouHodler is best suited for people who have a lot of unused cryptocurrencies in static wallets, a lot of unused cryptocurrencies in static wallets – they can make it work and get good interest rates through YouHodler.

Earn from depositing Cryptocurrency

YouHodler is a great option to make money by depositing their cryptocurrencies into the YouHodler wallet and allowing YouHodler to lend them to their users, paying you an interest rate for the service. You can search with YouHodler by allowing Youhodler to borrow your cryptocurrency.

YouHodler Earn Crypto

You can also use the YouHodler platform to create a savings account and earn interest on all cryptocurrencies. Users can earn interest on their digital crypto assets by depositing and storing cryptocurrencies in the YouHodlers user wallet.

In YouHodler, you can deposit your cryptocurrency or fiat, such as Euros, US dollars, Swiss francs, or pounds sterling, and exchange them for cryptocurrencies to start earning interest on your deposits.

Loan from Cryptocurrency

If you intend to store cryptocurrencies for a long time but need urgent money, YouHodler allows you to borrow fiat money (EUR, USD, CHF, and Pounds) using your cryptocurrencies as collateral. YouHodler is one of the best European cryptocurrency lending platforms that allow you to earn big profits on your cryptocurrency or borrow money in exchange for cryptocurrencies as collateral.

YouHodler Crypto Loans

YouHodler is a cryptocurrency platform that allows us to receive loans using our cryptocurrency. YouHodler crypto lending products offer users to borrow cash using cryptocurrency as a side asset without selling it.

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#5 Key Benefits Of YouHodler

  • YouHodlers Crypto Loan allows you to use your crypto assets as collateral and receive Euros, US dollars or various stablecoins in return. Even if you need cash, you don\’t need to liquidate your precious crypto assets, use YouHodler Loans to get cash fast with the lowest interest rate.
  • Using the YouHodler exchange, users can get cheaper fiat loans in EUR, USD, GBP, CHF using cryptocurrencies as collateral.
  • Users can use the purchased cryptocurrency and use it as collateral for other loans. Users can use the YouHodler exchange to get the most out of their crypto assets. Using YouHodler Wallet, users can manage their funds, receive loans and open a cryptocurrency savings account on the platform.
  • YouHodler offers users the ability to use their crypto and fiat assets to trade, save and earn money, or even get loans. YouHodler is the ideal platform for crypto investors looking to earn substantial returns on their holdings without exposing their holdings to loss.
  • YouHodler is also a great app for those investors who have a high risk tolerance as they can make a lot of money with YouHodlers Turbo Loans which is a risky business.

Pricing Plan And Offers

YouHodler\’s trading costs are comparable to those of other cryptocurrency exchanges. However, keep in mind the fees for depositing and withdrawing money. Please keep in mind that the material on YouHodler\’s webpage may not always be accurate. We utilised their wallet rates, which just don\’t match the values on its fees website.So for the deposit the transaction fees are as followed-

  • SWIFT bank transfer of $25 or 25 Euro.
  • 4.5 percent for credit cards
  • 1 percent of AdvCash account

Cryptocurrency and stablecoins

There is no charge.

Fees for exchange:

Fees for converting money to bitcoin or trading cryptocurrency vary according to the transaction. Rates are comparable to those seen on other exchanges. However, the transaction may take five to thirty minutes to complete, and the rate may fluctuate during that time.

You must pay an origination charge, hourly fees, and a 10% profit share if you utilise the MultiHodl option. The minimum deposit amount is $5. However, in order to receive interest on your savings, you must have a minimum balance of $100 or more, depending on the cryptocurrency.

And that\’s just the bare minimum for each coin; having a total of minimum amount isn\’t enough. For example, if you hold Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), and Ethereum (ETH), you must deposit at least a minimum of each to earn interest.

Pros and Cons of YouHodler


  • YouHodler gives you the option to trade fiat, stablecoin or cryptocurrencies.
  • Instead of offering native tokens like other Celsius Network and Nexo platforms, YouHodler helps you grow your cryptocurrency wallet and earn passive income in multiple ways.
  • In addition to instant crypto loans and crypto savings accounts, YouHodler also has a Multi HODL feature to increase your savings, and a Turbocharge feature to help you borrow more money.
  • Crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat currency conversions are supported. Stablecoins may earn up to 12% APY Plus weekly compound interest.
  • Extremely safe and closely monitored
  • Loan repayment and modification choices that are flexible
  • Extremely high LTV ratio.


  • A minimum deposit of $10 is required.
  • A platform that is only two years old .
  • Stablecoin returns are not the highest .
  • Not the best Bitcoin loan returns available .

YouHodler Security

YouHodler keeps the assets of its users in a combination of cold and hot wallets. It does not specify how much of the data is held offsite in cold storage, but has a partnership with technology platform security professionals Ledger Vault.

YouHodler Personal Security and Scam Protection

This implies that private keys are protected, protected, and not accessed with YouHodler staff. The Ledger Vault safety also contains $millions of dollars in pooled crime insurance, ensuring that consumers are protected in the event of theft or fraud.

However, like with many other cryptocurrency exchanges, the guarantee would not protect client funds in the case of an exchange collapse. FDIC insurance protects money in a savings account against bank collapse, however this does not extend to cryptocurrency platforms.

Customer Support 

Tutorials and answers from YouHodler Team

Customers commend their rapid customer service and competitive financing rates. One word of caution: Some consumers offered YouHodler negative feedback, mostly about its withdrawal possibilities. Before transferring big sums of money to any cryptocurrency exchange, ensure that you

Turbocharge And YouHodler

In addition, YouHodler is constantly updating crypto lending products for its users, such as Turbocharge, and earn Interest. Supporting cryptocurrency trading, YouHodler offers a number of other key products.

Turbocharge And YouHodler

All in all, YouHodler is an expert service with flexible features for any cryptocurrency investor. In this regard, YouHodler seems like a legitimate platform with interesting features for crypto holders of all shapes and sizes.

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YouHodler Review: Final Verdict

YouHodler offers its users another opportunity to handle their crypto assets with the same flexibility and benefits as with other fiat money. YouHodler then provides users with a unique cryptocurrency wallet that enables efficient and secure use of YouHodler services.

YouHodler About the Company

Users can trade cryptocurrencies through the YouHodler app, borrow money in their cryptocurrencies, create savings accounts, and make daily crypto payments. YouHodler offers two main banking services (Crypto Savings and Loans) and two others (TurboCharge and MultiHodl).

Launched in 2019, YouHodler is an EU- and Switzerland-based cryptocurrency platform that allows you to get better rates and borrow money from your cryptocurrency deposits. YouHodler isn\’t much worse than the competition when it comes to platforms of this type.


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