ShipChain mainnet, a public delegated Proof of Stake sidechain of the Ethereum network, is officially live as of July 2020. Our mainnet provides one of the highest levels of functionality available in the freight and logistics business today, with capabilities that significantly exceed any other alternatives on the market. 

This launch is a significant milestone toward achieving a modular system across the entire supply chain. Our Track and Trace platform is now available on mainnet, and we are one step closer to complete transparency and visibility in supply chain and logistics.

Some of the most noteworthy benefits of this launch include:

  • Higher Transaction Throughput

  • 3rd Party “Build On Top Of Us” Perks

  • Staking

  • Full Functionality and Capabilities

For more information on staking, click here.

To learn more about ShipChain Mainnet, check out our blog.